We offer a grooming service for small dogs and specialize in cats.We will clip, wash, and trim your pets nails clean their ears and all the usual bits and bobs, prices start from £35 for dog’s and from £45 for cat’s,contact…
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Health & Fitness

Dog’s and Cat’s can not verbally tell you what is wrong with them but their behavior and actions can. This is why we believe that giving them the best foods and making sure that they receive regular worming and keeping up with flea treatments is important as well as giving them lots of love and attention of course …

Meet Our Cat

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Antuan , I am the resident cat of Acton Pets,I am a Blue Colourpoint Exotic Short hair . I was born near Moscow in Russia. I love living in the shop I get lots of attention and strokes and I have the other animals for company as well as the humans,pop in and see me IMG_142antounsometime.…




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